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Environmental policy

Declaration of a policy

We are the metal processing company who supply numbers of products with small lot by using machining centers. All of such companies must recognize the mutual acceptance for improving the global environmental problem, we do business according to keep globe environments.

We always understand the environment's impact of our activities, product and service. We establish the environmental management system for decrease or prevent contamination, and keep improving this system.

1. We take effort to decrease the environmental impact by acting following items, under reconstruct our system from accepting orders until delivering.
 (1) Save resources and energy under reforming afaires.
 (2) Decreasing fuel and electrical energy.
 (3) Decreasing industrial waiste.

2. We follow and obey any applicable law demands for our circumstances and other requested items.

3. We let our employee known this policy, we make sure to achieve this policy as a company goal.

4. We widely declare this policy to third party.

                                        Enacted on April 1, 2012
                                        President Kunio Yoshizawa