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We may take our local network partner processes.


Outline of partners work

Work and processes

Screws, springs, washers for your assembling are also welcome to supply.

YOSHIZAWA Lathe, NC, Milling
Our specific work NC, Machining center, Radial drilling
arc welding, soldering
Partners' work Spark erosion, Laser work, Lancet
Wire cutting, Carving, Brazing
Slotter, Broaching
Thermal process Quenching, Carburizing, HQ quenching
Refining, Annealing, Vacuum thermal process
Grinding Surface and cylindrical grinding, Lapping
Surface process Plating, Almite, Spraying
Alodine, Raydent, Hino Balck spray
Dacrotized proc., Hard almite, Balck coating
Zinc thermal spray
Others Please ask us none listed in above.